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Mr. and Mrs.
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Zing went the Zs

I can't believe this is the last letter...Well, theoretically I could start at the beginning cause I only jumped in on this alphabet list with K. But, let's just get the Zs done with before I Zzzzzzzz.

1) Everyone knows this darked striped animal on a white or tawny body---ZEBRA

2) That point in the sky directly overhead---ZENITH.

3. Giving that stimulating and exciting quality to life---ZEST. I also remember it as a soap.

4. This word makes me think of rickrack. Homemade clothes used to always be edged in this

5. Those colorful fall flowers---ZINNIAS.

6. My jeans are getting a little easier to zip---Yay for ZIPPERS.

7. One of my favorites is 92124---ZIP CODES. That has been true since 1972.

8. My casserole recipe made me love this vegetable---ZUCHINNI (Honestly it was probably
the cream cheese and butter!)

9. San Diego has one of the best---ZOOS. When Erica and Amy were little, we went there
often. Now, I've spent my 62nd birthday and my lst wedding anniversary there.

10. This word is actually a high pitched sound but it is often confused with fling---ZING!

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